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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sir Wilfrid, I need you!

Sir Wilfrid, adressing my mastah

I hope my fellow Laughtonians excuse me for not giving any signs of life for weeks, but things in the non-virtual world have kept my mind busy. Gloomy things. Gloomy thoughts. You'll forgive me the Off-Topic.

After weeks of spreading rumours, the powers that be at my workplace have gracefully announced that they're gonna give the axe to an undetermined number of employees. Over the last year, the management has asked us to make sacrifices, and so we've done and, cor, we've be compliant and as flexible as jelly bamboo, goodness knows. But this seemingly isn't enough, and they are seizing the current recession as an excuse to chop heads, à la Henry VIII.

In front of us hapless, amateurs but wilful representatives of our small company's workers, we'll have one of the most expensive, and mightiest law firms of Spain. We've been told that they have a fondness for raw meat, and I'm afraid that they're starving for workers' tartare.

If only we had at our side Sir Wilfrid Robarts, champion of the hopeless causes... But as Albert Lory, we'll have to be our own defenders.

God Almighty help us.

(Wish us luck, we're effing going to need it)


ANRO said...

No tienes excusa alguna Miss Gloria. Algún laughtoniano ha pasado frecuentemente por esa página esperando ver algo nuevo y ¡ale! Miss Gloria hollydeando. Nada, nada, condenada a ocupar el puesto de Miss Dietrich, es lo menos. Digo yo.

Matthew Coniam said...

Good luck - and there's an aposite British expression: "Don't let the bastards get you down"...

Gloria said...

Antonio, se acepta la bronca SirWilfridiana y propongo enmendarme. Estoy en el grupo representante de los compañeros y estamos haciendo más horas que un reloj, pero miraré de sacar algún rato para acabar de redactar algunos de los temas que se me acumulan (es decir, posts pendientes haberlos haylos, pero les falta un hervor ;P)

Gloria said...

Matthew, thanks for the good wishes... As a matter of fact, today I think we got some supernatural help from Sir Wilfrid's Ghost ;D